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Mag. Barbara Holter


Born 1956 in Linz / Austria


Matriculation 1974 in Linz


Numerous painting and drawing classes from the age of ten


Art lessons with Prof. Wolfgang Stifter at secondary school  


Studies of biology as a teacher profession at the University of Vienna


Married since 1981 in Grieskirchen, three kids


Teaching biology and art from 1981-1983 at secondary school in Wels


From 2009 nude drawing classes with Gerhard Brandl


From 2011 study of oil painting and drawing with Ekaterina Walser-Vassillieva


2012 Exhibition at 'Kulturama' at Tollet Castle


2014 Exhibition at the collage of eduction at the diocese of Linz

2018 Exhibition at the international 'Art Exhibition Rome' at 'Domus Romana Art Gallery'

2018 Exhibition at 'Rossocinabro' Gallery | Rome

2018 Exhibition 'Art in Mind' at 'The Brick Lane Gallery' | London

2018 Exhibition 'Abstract Art' at 'The Brick Lane Gallery - The Annexe' | London

2018 Exhibition 'Art is Now 2' at 'Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio - Oratorio della Passione' | Milano

2019 Exhibition at Artexpo New York 2019

2020 Servus TV 'Gartln mit Starkl' - The blooming paradise garden

2021 Exhibition 'From Nature to Abstraction' at 'The gallery Steiner' | Vienna

2022 Exhibition 'Salon Katja' at 'Bruckmühle Pregarten' | Upper Austria

2023 Exhibition at Artexpo New York 2023

2023 Exhibition 'Unter einem weiten Himmel' at 'KreativRaum Galerie' | Vienna

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